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Electric skateboard released in February of 2014. . The rear motors are exposed on the 1st generation board allowing you to see into the motor. Q: What does that mean for me? The battery will not allow the user to attempt to recharge or use the battery regardless of battery condition once the RLOD error is stored in the battery memory. USPS supplies this packaging for free, and it is only $8 to shipthis package to us from anywhere in the United States. Q: Where are you located, can I come in for a visit? Don't want to sound lame. Built by BH, Loaded Caguama 85's - Pairs Of Two Wheels Only, Boosted Boards Motor Driver / ESC / Motor Controller, Evolve GT/GTR 97mm Street Conversion Kit 38T Gear, Evolve Hadean Series ABEC 107mm Street Conversion Kits, Evolve GT/GTR Evolve/ABEC 107mm Street Conversion Kits, Evolve GT/GTR 97mm Street Conversion Kit 32T Gear, Evolve GTR2 & Hadean All Terrain Conversion Kits, Evolve F1 Street Wheels Black (107mm, 74a), Evolve Performance Bushings Pack - (20 Sets: 4 of each), Evolve GTR Street Wheels (97mm, 76a) Multiple Colors, Evolve Aluminum Street Drive Gear Upgrade Kit 38T, Evolve Precision Ceramic Bearings (8) + Drive Gear Bearings (2), Evolve Hadean Series All Terrain Drive Gear, Evolve GT/GTR Series All Terrain Drive Gear, Evolve All Terrain Tire (175 / 7 inch) Single, Evolve All Terrain Tire 150mm / 6 Inch Single, CarbonRevo Dualtron Carbon Fibre Rear Mudguard. Yes, these parts are modular, so they can be replaced with new or 3D printed ones. All Rights Reserved, By submitting your email, you agree to our. Moderated by volunteers. Disconnect the front accessory port cable and ESC connector inside using the battery connector tools. Battery: The battery screws are M6 x 12mm (diameter)/20mm (length), which are 90 countersunk and take a 4mm Allen wrench. The v1 charger can also charge a standard range battery, but cannot charge an extended range battery; the v3/v2 charger can charge all Boosted batteries. A: Yup, we acquired everything that Boosted had, and it came direct from them. 1st gen packs are plain. The updated boards made many improvements to their predecessor including reinforced trucks, and stronger composite deck, and larger improved wheels, and the Stealth adds a higher top speed and more aggressive acceleration curve for the most demanding riders. Can't rate because I got the survey before the order arrived, very smart. The Boosted Board 1st Generation is a motorized electric longboard developed by Boosted and released in June 2014. From $62.50 . . Boosted Belt Kit $25.00. Yes, theyre 6903 2RS bearings, which can be bought as a pair on eBay for under $7 USD. The Boosted Guys - v3/v2 ESC upgrade (Hyper Mode unlock/firmware v2.7.2 update for Beams) The Boosted Guys - Motor repair/upgrade; XR General Hospital - XR battery RLOD repair, Amnesia modchip installation; Jeffery Peralta - XR battery RLOD repair, Amnesia modchip installation (located in NYC) Motor overheating and/or malfunctioning let the board rest for 20 minutes before powering on again/apply DeoxIT connector lubricant1 and reconnect, otherwise, replace motor. You can use this to save money on the repair until tomorrow! Please keep an eye on the site in the coming weeks. The v2 trucks are cast while the v3 are forged. This isn't necessary on the longboards as the decks have adequate cut-outs for bigger wheels, but you'll probably need to add an extra 1/2" riser on the Mini if you use wheels bigger than 90mms to avoid wheel bite. Youve successfully entered the giveaway. v1 boards have wires running under the grip tape, so special precaution is needed to change it without causing damage to the wiring. The victorious candidates in the Lyons Township High School District 204 school board race were boosted by five-figure financial support from a political action committee of the state teachers' union, of which the LTHS teachers union is a part, and a newly formed local group which raised at least $20,000. And when I bought one of these things, I could tell, okay, this is a very different product, and it serves a very different market than a typical skateboard., Boosted, founded in 2012, prided itself on making electric longboards that were vehicle-grade quality. I had some quiestions and they replied on my email within a couple minutes. Firmware error ESC and/or remote needs to be updated (e.g. Not bad. Another remedy is to use a little white lithium grease on the bearing seats (where the bearing rests in the wheel). One user started a shared Google Drive to host owners manuals and other reference materials, and is even considering opening up a service center. X. . Buy: Amazon, McMaster-Carr. Unfortunately, we're not able to repair boards, however we are able to provide you with pointers and sell you spare parts that will get your board up and going. Our goal is to keeping these boards and scooters on the road for years to come. We are the official repair centre for brands like Boosted Boards and Enertion. Buy: Loaded, MuirSkate. SR and XR batteries may share some status codes, but they are categorised here as they were recorded. Motor Caps (Belt Covers): The socket cap screws for the motor cap are M4 x 0.7mm (thread pitch)/10mm (length), which take a 3mm Allen wrench (the v1 socket cap screws take a 9/64" Allen wrench). At this point you can agree or cancel. Made sure you write on the package slip that this includes an item that is going to be repaired. What a deal!! After completing repairs and testing, we ship it back. But in those early days, the small startup was wholly focused on the board and nothing else. 2023 Vox Media, LLC. The standard range (SR) battery uses A123 26650 LiFePO4 cells in a 12S1P configuration (12 cells total) and the extended range (XR) battery uses LG HG2 18650 Lithium Ion cells in a 13S2P configuration (26 cells total). Q: What happens to me if I already own a Boosted Board with a warranty? Boosted empowers people everywhere tocommute across their cities, campuses, and communities in ways that were never before possible. Upgrade your E-Skate w/ eBoardStuff! To install a replacement, follow the same steps in reverse. This would also be necessary to swap onto a non-Boosted deck. Fatdaddy is the specialist in Amsterdam for Knaap, Mate, Super73, Birdbike and other electric bikes. Deck wiring connection issue apply DeoxIT connector lubricant1 and reconnect battery connectors, otherwise, repeat on the ESC connectors. Our Boosted Board Motor Repair is available for the motors on any Boosted Board v2, v2 Dual+, v3 Plus, Stealth, Mini S, and Mini X. Rattling motor? Q: I am going to use a freight forwarder. You easily report your repair after which we will assess and schedule it. Once we fix your motors, they are guaranteed forthe lifetime of your board! A: Regardless of us warning people, some people have tried to use a freight forwarder to order boards and scooters. You can also 3D print your own skid plates using these files. Please make sure to include a note detailing all the issues you are having with the battery! Likewise, all extended range batteries across all v2 and v3 boards are the same. Over-tensioned belts can also rip prematurely. Boosted was founded in 2012 after receiving funding from a Kickstarter campaign. The extended range battery has some internal status LEDs and the light you see is the LED blinking as the battery finishes shutting down. It is the higher performance version of their third-generation electric longboard, the Boosted Board Plus. The Extended Range Battery was released in January 2018 and could be mounted on all second-generation Boosted skateboards, doubling the range of the skateboard. To pair a remote, press the button on the remote five times and the board's power button five times too they should automatically pair and the remote LED will turn blue. Sometimes, this can be temporarily fixed by power cycling the board and remote and you may need to re-pair the remote to the board. If you don't have a pair and can 3D print your own, use this file. Buy: MuirSkate. Shipping the product back is free within The Netherlands but we charge a small UPS/DHL shipping fee for other countries. ! wrote another.) Boosted USA has Teamed Up with Evolve Electric Skateboards, Boosted USA is now introducing Minimotors Electric Scooters. Q: Are your products 100% manufacturedby Boosted? With the ability to swap seamlessly between Street and All-Terrain wheels on the Evolve Boards you can now skate on grass and dirt for a limitless ride experience. You can either go boosted guys or go to xrgeneralhospital. Press the pulleys into the wheels by hand as much as possible, checking to make sure they're fitting evenly. Using a skate tool, tighten the nut until it is tight and then back it off a quarter turn or so until the clicking stops but there is no lateral movement of the wheel. The SR battery A123 26650 cell can be charged at up to approximately 8-10 amps with an estimated lifespan of 1,000 cycles. Tap on the board info bar at the top and scroll to the bottom of the page. Sale. At the moment, the authentication/firmware servers are down and as a result, boards cannot be automatically updated. Can I buy from you? Once order has been placed please follow the below instructions:1. In the aftermath, riders quickly spun up a crowdsourced Google Drive folder full of manuals and technical documents, while an electric skateboard shop owner started offering motor repairs. Boosted Repair Services - The Boosted Guys Fast, Free Shipping Within the USA --- We Ship Internationally! The Single model was discontinued in 2016. All Super73's have throttles installed. Start off by trying to narrow down the noise to the front or back of the board and determining whether the noise is only present while riding or while stationary as well. If the wheels dont leave enough clearance, youll have to remove the motor caps or use custom motors caps like the ones included here. Just what I needed to repair my broken BMS on my older battery. This is well within specifications and shouldn't affect the performance of your board at all. That's not a question but you should know that we're continuing to receive boxes of goods and as we find items we will be adding them to our website for sale. I was thinking more, but the same as a new motor. However, it is best to charge your phone until the light indicator turns green to avoid overcharging. Remove the battery pack from your board. 1st gen rear motor mounts are made of aluminum. In the meantime make sure to add your email to the "notify me" box and you'll get an email as soon as more stock is added. Package the battery in a VERY WELL PADDED box. The Boosted Board Stealth is a motorized electric longboard developed by Boosted and released in April 2018. For deeper cleaning, you can use a brass wire brush and water to loosen the dirt. Go Further With up to 40 miles on a single charge Evolve unlocks a new level of exploring your city. 1281 Andersen Drive Ste. This repair comes with a lifetimewarranty. Wheel Bearings: The wheels use standard 10.29mm (0.405", width) skateboard/longboard bearings for 8mm axles, however, the rear wheels cannot use bearings with built-in spacers on the inside, such as Zealous. We will consult you beforehand to approve the repairs and costs. Hey, Jesse from The Boosted Guys. Our electric skateboard repair and maintenance team is equipped with parts for most brands. $100 to fix a motor? Boosted Board Extended Range batteries have an unfortunate issue where if battery cells become imbalanced they will lock the user out permanently rendering the battery no longer usable. Boosted sold their 105mm wheels with the stock 56T pulleys. This condition is know as the Red Light of Death or RLOD as the battery flashes a red light when the error has occurred. v3/v2 standard and extended range batteries can be charged while on or off the board and the power button will turn yellow (not green) when fully charged. Just what I needed to repair my broken BMS on my older battery. One that really cares about preserving their products. If you want to keep the stock gear ratio, which gives you stock top speed and acceleration/braking performance, youll need to use custom pulleys with higher teeth count and bigger belts for bigger wheels. Press the space key then arrow keys to make a selection. Print out your order confirmation and include it with your motor (s) in the package. Risers (AKA riser pads) provide extra ground clearance for the battery and for bigger wheels to avoid wheel bite (when the wheels make contact with the deck), especially on the Mini deck, which doesn't have the same cut-outs as the longboards. The BMS (battery management system) associates the charge percentage with the last known powered-on voltage. In order to charge your device without using the charger, you can follow these steps: 1. BOSTON - State Treasurer and Receiver General Deborah B. Goldberg, Chair of the Massachusetts School Building Authority ("MSBA"), and John K. McCarthy, MSBA Executive Director/Deputy CEO, announced that the MSBA Board of Directors invited 34 schools into the Authority's Accelerated Repair Program. Boosted Board Standard Range Battery. USA answer:We will pay for shipping on anything over $100. Please give the motors a quickcleaning to remove any loose dirt and debris.3. Dualtron Electric Scooters represent the highest quality electric scooters you can find today. Even that seems uncertain at this point, now that the global economy is struggling during the novel coronavirus pandemic. by actresssilly Jan 15, 2022. While riding the board or just spinning the wheels, there is a constant clicking sound. But ordering with Fatdaddy was a really nice experience. The revised motors can be found on boards with serial numbers above Sx910xxxx and have T3xxxx serial numbers on them while the original motors have T2xxxx serial numbers. Here is a comparison of a revised (left) and original (right) v3 motor: A few stores are offering OEM motor replacements, including The Boosted Guys, Boosted USA, and Fatdaddy. On rare occasions, its an issue with the remote, but most of the time, its a ghost bug that can occur in the ESC, which locks it out of the fifth (Hyper) mode after connecting to the Boosted app. 1. Shred Lights for Boosted Boards from $7.99 $104.99. We can only sell the rest of the stock that we have. Skid Plates: The skid plate screws are M4 x 0.7mm (thread pitch)/6mm (length), which take a 3mm Allen wrench. Learn more about how and why we started our company. Cell-balancing only occurs while charging and can take up to 2-3 weeks on firmware v.2.1.7 or earlier. Fast, Free Shipping Within the USA --- $20 Flat Rate International Shipping, Regular price The remote and battery will blink blue and they should pair. This condition is know as the Red Light of Death or RLOD as the battery flashes a red light when the error has occurred. The current stock was manufactured by Boosted, but once it sells out, it will be gone for good. To get advice on how to fix an issue with your Rev, for assistance figuring out what part you need, or to start a repair ticket, please contact our service department at. Even though this is a fairly new device, Boosted has released its upgraded 2nd generation board in August 2016. Don't want to sound lame. They are the best built, most capable, and have the longest range in the market. Sale. Check your bearings often, the axle nut is too tight and will cause one or more bearings to click. Plug your device into a power outlet. v3/v2 boards use custom Gates 225-15-3m belts lined with felt to reduce noise. After investigations are completed we will give you a quote with a cost and time estimate to repair the product. Boosted Rear Drive Complete Sold Out. Boosted USA is now offering Super73 Electric bikes and Accessories, Evolve Skateboards, and Accessories as well as Minimotors Electic Scooters Bikes Boards and Scooters are in stock and shipping now. WE will not be held responsible for damaged batteries during shipping! He didnt just find the longboard, which uses an electric motor and a belt drive system to reach speeds of over 20 miles per hour, to be fast and fun. Boosted & Evolve are known for their premium performance boards offering a next-level experience. You can use a rubber mallet to even them out. These guys are not in it for the money but really want to help people to get on the best product, Sign up like 14,310 others this month and get a chance to win free prodcucts, discounts and cool giveaways every month. Buy: Amazon, The Home Depot, McMaster-Carr. Yes, its what we do best! The Dual, Single, and Dual+ all received new, upgraded software. 2. Alternatively, a mechanic may be able to remove the pulley using a pulley remover (AKA battery terminal/wiper arm puller). Send us a message and we can help figure out the cheapest method of shipping to get your battery to us. Boosted Trucks from $40.00. Ship your battery to the following address:The Boosted Guys1202 Dyar RoadSeneca, South Carolina 29672United States. Remove the rear truck/drivetrain assembly to free the accessory port cable from under the baseplate. What does the Amnesia install do?- The amnesia chip allows customers to clear the RLOD error code by simply pressing and holding the power button on their battery for 5 seconds. With up to 40 miles on a single charge Evolve unlocks a new level of exploring your city. You should avoid riding in areas where this occurs as the behaviour can be unpredictable. You should store your board indoors and charged at approximately 20-80%. He also confirmed that "From a corporate structure perspective it's likely going to enter some form of bankruptcy protection at some point, but it won't formally dissolve for a while. If the issue persists, the motor may need to be repaired or replaced. The second-generation Boosted Board was announced in May 2016 and featured a swappable battery that could be upgraded to a to-be-produced Extended Range Battery. Might send them a few just for backup, one Reddit user wrote. Boosted Board Extended Range batteries have an unfortunate issue where if battery cells become imbalanced they will lock the user out permanently rendering the battery no longer usable. ESC issue, most likely, shorted/burned replace ESC. Boosted & Evolve are known for their premium performance boards offering a next-level experience. At the very least, theyll have the still-vibrant Boosted community to turn to. Once connected, open LightBlue (leave the Boosted app running in the background). This change makes telling the motors apart easier. Boosted Board Parts. A: We have a limited60 day warranty for everything you receive. ($100 for motor Repair. All v3/v2 remotes can pair with all v3/v2 boards, however, only remotes with serial numbers starting with R28 or R29 can enable Hyper mode on the Stealth. McInturff said he was also stunned at the quality. Both have a poplar spine wrapped in triaxial fibreglass and edges reinforced with a polymer sidewall. Remove motor(s) from your board.2. Youve been successfully subscribed to our newsletter! Boosted electric skateboards and scooters generally include orange or black wheels and the name Boosted in orange capital letters on the devices deck. First, try re-pairing the remote to the board by pressing its button five times; press the button on the battery five times too. You can design your own grip tape on Splattergoat. A: Send us an email: We hope so but again, we're unboxing products as fast as we can. Once they're loose, you'll be able to pull them out by hand. This doesn't affect performance, but can be very loud. All decks are rated for use by riders up to 250 lbs (113 kg). Re-assemble the truck as it was previously and you should have less noise from the trucks. Buy: McMaster-Carr. Temporary video for amnesia demonstration: Click Here. Built by BH. (A growing number of Twitter users and YouTube commenters have nonetheless spent the last two months trying to convince Elon Musk to buy the company.). Brian has posted a detailed story here. You can use a 180mm/50 truck on the front, such as a Paris v3/v2, but the rear truck assembly uses Boosteds custom motor mounts. According to a former Boosted employee, batteries on firmware older than v2.5.1 had a higher failure rate and approximately 30% of batteries were serviced. It really shows what kind of community Boosted built. Meet our new product. Can you hook me up? Boosted Titanium Motor Pulley. NOTE: This does not work on v2 or v3 boards. First, make sure that the new sheet of grip tape is big enough to cover your deck (deck sizes here). McInturff now says he hopes to have a full service electric board repair facility open by the end of May. RLOD error due to cell voltage imbalance (most likely), damaged cells, or faulty BMS reset error in BMS2, otherwise, replace battery. Charger issue (possible water ingress) dry the charge port and charger before re-attempting to charge, otherwise, test another charger or battery. This video shows how to remove the motor caps (belt covers), rear drive wheels, and belts at the 55-second mark: If you're reusing the current pulleys and moving them onto different wheels, carefully pry them out of the wheels with a flathead screwdriver by going around the wheel, one spot at a time. 5. It's fine to continue riding the board home if a belt breaks mid-ride, but keep in mind that your acceleration and braking forces will be compromised. 3. Other brands can be serviced upon request, please fill out the request form directly. Sign up for Verge Deals to get deals on products we've tested sent to your inbox daily. v1 boards use 219-15-3m (belt length - belt width - tooth pitch). The latest ESC firmware is v2.7.2 and the latest battery firmware is v2.5.1. But Michael quickly discovered there was more to riding a Boosted board than the physical experience. The v2 Dual+ grip tape is applied as two separate sheets. But in those early days, the small startup was wholly focused on the board and nothing. The latest battery firmware balances the cells better by showing 100% charge when the delta is <100mV and maintains the balance better while not in use by tolerating a delta of ~1.0V. Truck Hardware: The stock truck hardware on boards with a standard range battery is 1.25 (length) and on extended range boards, it's 1.5 (length). These are truly the best motor pulleys money can buy! Belts typically last an average of 200-400 miles (~320-650 kilometres), but can also last much longer or less depending on your riding style and the riding conditions. See what's different about our line of health food products. He posted the news to Instagram and Reddit, and said the immediate reaction was surprisingly positive. Buy: McMaster-Carr. If you need to extend the connection between your battery and motor driver or route your deck like a Boosted deck, you can use a HIGO-L513-A-B battery cable and a 4-pin extension cable for the accessory port. If you have been riding with loose belt tension for an extended period of time, be sure to check your current belts. COMMENT BELOW WHAT VIDEO YOU WOULD LIKE ME TO DO NEXT!MY INSTAGRAM this video I'll be showing you how to replace a boo. Early v3 motors can make a grinding noise when the motor pulley becomes loose as a result of excessive space between the motor's outter bearing and shaft, which doesn't affect performance, but can be very loud.

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